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Teaching private yoga is my passion!

My name is Joely Johnson, and I am an experienced yoga instructor and yoga therapist in Seattle specializing in private lessons at your location. I'm certified to teach adults and children (from toddlers to teens, including kids with special needs), and I'm specially trained to work with people facing cancer and other health challenges. I have been practicing yoga since college and have been teaching since 1999. I hold a master's degree in community health education and understand how to help people build new health habits.

I would love to do yoga with you!

Yoga at Home


All classes come to the location of your choice (yoga-appropriate and within 5 miles of 98199/Magnolia).


This 1-hour, hands-on session is customized stretching and deep relaxation for 1 adult ($80)


This 45-minute class is full of fun yoga poses and mindfulness games for 1 child, grade 1-12 ($60)


This 1-hour class is active fun and time to relax for up to 2 adults and up to 4 kids (contact me for other family configurations) ($100)


This 45-minute class is a sweet time to connect body and spirit for 1 adult and 1 child of any age ($80)


This 1-hour class is a way for 2 connected adults to practice and relax together ( $100)



What my students say...

We sought out a yoga instructor with experience with young children for our preschooler. We feel very lucky to have found Joely, as she has enhanced the life of our daughter in numerous ways. She has helped our daughter with her focus, balance, and coordination as well as her emotional regulation. We really feel that our daughter simply feels more comfortable in her own skin since beginning her lessons with Joely. Joely truly makes our lives better!

Your class has been such a lifesaver, Joely! I had a really rough year and a half or so, and I can't tell you how much I have looked forward to Monday nights. I always feel completely refreshed and relaxed after. Yours is the very best class I have ever taken, you are a gift!

~ A. Anstead

~ C. Fronhofer

My girls do enjoy your class, and they are so impressed that you bring mats for everyone!

Yoga has been very effective for my weird, out-of-whack hips, and you always had a way of explaining how to hold the hips during the pose that made sense to me, the beginner!

~ M. Mulholland

~ K. Tolcser

One of the many good things about your class that I realized the other night is that sometimes I have this unconscious bit of fear that a pose is too hard or I will hurt myself or something, and your words of encouragement really make a difference because they make me aware of the fear that's holding me back to try to move further into a pose. Sometimes I really can't get any further, but a lot of the time it's not a physical barrier but a mental one. (I realize as I'm typing that this statement applies to the majority of issues in my life.) So...thank you.

We very much enjoyed your class, especially the deep relaxation at the end. In my experience, teachers don't create room for that type of essential and powerful regenerating time near enough.

~ M. Drogan

~ E. & A. Kasius

Just wanted to let you know that week's class was great. They all are, but I had a particularly tumultuous day, and I walked out of your class feeling calm and centered and even felt as though as I had some answers to some things that had been on my mind. So thank you. You do very good work.

I just want to thank you again for yesterday. Andrea loved the class and thought it was a perfect start to the night. Thank you!!

~ J. Schatz

~ J. LaFex



Personal, tailored yoga sessions are convenient, effective, and rewarding.

Lotus Pose
Yoga Class - Downward Facing Dog


Yoga Fun & Games for Kids

I teach lighthearted yoga to children, from toddlers to teens - one-on-one, in playdate settings, and as fun and active birthday or sleepover party activities. I also teach yoga and mindfulness to children who have health issues or special needs, including attention or learning challenges.


Begin or Commit to Your Practice

If a yoga class could come to you, where would you want to practice? At home when the kids are at school? At work before the weekly standup? Would your perfect class be intense, restorative, or maybe focused on health and healing? My private yoga classes are customized to your needs and goals and meet you wherever you are.


Connect with Family & Friends

Yoga is a special way to connect and relax with friends and family. Consider private, customized, small-group yoga for: 

  • Couples and BFFs

  • Engagement parties

  • Morning of the wedding 

  • Family reunions

  • Team building



Send me a note to learn more about private yoga in Seattle or schedule your first session.

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